• Unique Areas to Treat and Inject

    Explore unique areas to aesthetically treat and inject, with Board Certified Dermatologist, Adrienne Stewart, M.D.

    1 of 6 11 min - 41 sec
  • Chemical Peels

    This segment provides not only an over-view of Chemical Peels available to the Aesthetic Professional but check lists for success as well. Including how to research with a more complete understanding of the vast variety and type of chemical peels available today. Exploring the differences between the types, depths, boundaries, strengths, best candidates and the importance of documentation are also included in this presentation.

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  • Anti-aging Treatment Options

    This segment reviews all aspects of Anti-Aging Treatment options. From reviewing the comprehensive consultation process to the variety of skincare regimes with formula insights to facial treatment reviews from superficial to medium depth along with combing devices and Injectables into the individual Treatment Plans.

    3 of 6 27 min - 0 sec
  • Treatment Options for Melasma

    This segment reviews the varying types of and challenges of working with the Melasma condition. Key points are presented from the importance of commitment and compliance of the client to cautions and contraindications also including homecare regime recommendations. The variety of types of treatments from resurfacing to devices are reviewed with suggestions for successful treatment plans and those to possibly avoid with the Melasma client.

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  • Microdermabrasion

    The basics, goals, and results of microdermabrasion are discussed. Indications and when to avoid the procedure are included.

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  • Topical and Fillers: The Perfect Marriage

    Learn how the best topical skincare products and injectable fillers can work together creating the “perfect marriage” for aging skin renewal.

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