The Business of Skincare

  • Phone Etiquette

    An introductory lecture on phone etiquette and how it can impact your aesthetic business.

    1 of 6 9 min - 50 sec
  • The Consultation Process

    An introductory lecture on setting up successful consultations, that convert into sales.

    2 of 6 9 min - 03 sec
  • Networking in the Spa Industry

    An introductory lecture on how to effectively participate in networking within the spa industry.

    3 of 6 10 min - 36 sec
  • Understand Your Brand

    This segment provides in depth discussions of what “Your Brand” really is with a host of valuable questions to ask yourself in order to determine “Your Brand”. Exploring the difference between what Your Brand, Your Marketing and Your Logo with strategies to define and refine this process to best contribute to your success. Tips include using an analytical process with specific questions needed to clearly define “Your Brand” and how it will help your overall success.

    4 of 6 8 min - 20 sec
  • Social Media Strategy

    This segment provides valuable insights into creating your best Social Media Strategies. Insights to benefit the novice to the veteran social media aesthetic professionals. Review how to determine your best platforms, survey your clients to best meet their needs and expectations on content and favorite platforms. Review various tools for scheduling posts, calendars and graphics. Effective planning tips to save time and money while providing great content are included as well. Creating categories, time blocking, batching and much more are included.

    5 of 6 11 min - 34 sec
  • Managing Reactions and Patient Expectations

    Review methods of how as a skincare professional we can respond to a clients skin reaction by calming and clearing the confusion of why it may have happened.

    6 of 6 11 min - 51 sec