Seasonal Considerations

  • Winter Skincare Makeover

    This presentation reviews the changing needs of skin during the winter season and how valuable a seasonal skincare consultation can be to help meet the client’s skin needs and concerns.

    1 of 6 20 min - 53 sec
  • Winter Skin Treatments

    This presentation explores a variety of types of treatments, post procedure concepts and homeware treatments addressing the unique needs and skin changes during the winter season.

    2 of 6 15 min - 39 sec
  • Winter Stress And Skin

    Holiday events, weather changes, winter sports and other factors cause skin stress during winter months. The body’s stress response as applied to skin is explained and discussed.

    3 of 6 11 min - 52 sec
  • Winter Eczema

    The itch, scratch cycle becomes more problematic in winter for several reasons. Cellular structures modulating this response are discussed. Winter changes to skin biochemistry and the skin surface are explained.

    4 of 6 14 min - 15 sec
  • Helpful Skincare Ingredients in Winter

    Specific groups of skincare ingredients which help with winter skin concerns are discussed and explained.

    5 of 6 22 min - 33 sec
  • Summer Skincare

    Explore how the summer season creates the need for skincare regime updates based on environmental and client lifestyle changes.

    6 of 6 14 min - 25 sec