Structure and Function of Skin

Course One describes the structure and function of the skin barrier, including its role in the body’s immune processes. Renewal of the skin barrier through the unique process of exfoliation is described. The structural architecture of skin and the important molecules that maintain this structure are also included in this course section.



  • The Skin as a Barrier: Ceramide Structure – Hydration, Dry Skin

    Gain a true understanding of the importance that skin barrier protection plays on achieving healthy skin.  Stand out to your clients and patients by providing insight on what is happening to their dry skin and in turn, how to take better care of it.

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  • The Skin as a Barrier: Water and Electrolyte Permeability

    Gain a clear understanding into the science of skin functions: the why’s and how’s behind them. The course also covers insights into how these functions can change skin’s physical appearance with aging and diseased skin conditions.

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  • The Skin and Immunity: The Ceramide Barrier & Cellular Immunity

    Explore how the skin takes care of its damaged cells from the inside out and the functions that enable this to occur. This course helps to give you a better understanding of  compromised skin types, such as those going through active cancer treatments, and the importance of expanded education during consultations with these types of patients. Giving you the ability to provide greater detail on how to care for their skin’s unique needs and recommend specialized home care regimes.

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  • The Skin and Immunity: Humoral Immunity

    The humoral immune system. Antigen-antibody reactions. Antibody production. Antigen recognition. Cytokine messengers including prostaglandins, interleukins, histamine, others.

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  • The Exfoliation Process: Epidermal Turnover & Corneodesmosomes

    This course covers skin care insights tailored specifically for the aesthetic professional and how to share them in a way that clients and patients will understand. Topics include the scientific importance of the Exfoliation Process for ongoing cellular renewal and how too much or too little exfoliation can have challenging consequences.

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  • The Exfoliation Process: Exfoliation Agents (AHA, BHA, Enzymes and Others)

    An “advanced 411” on how key exfoliating agents function separately and together in formulas. Insights into which individual or combination of exfoliating agents may best benefit various skin types or conditions. Further science supported insights to share with your clients and patients.

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  • The Maintenance of Bodily Form: Elastin and Elastosis, Ground Substance

    Gain great insights into the inner workings of the skin to expand your understanding of how different substances and functions of the skin work together to combat damage and aging effects. These include detailed descriptions of the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) and how many different types of cells that effect the appearance of skin live together in a unique gelatinous material and so much more.

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  • The Maintenance of Skin as an Organ – Stem Cells

    A clear explanation of how human stem cells function and affect the skin. Exciting insights into the expanded medical benefits of stem cell research and treatments. Learn valuable insights into the new category of stem cell actives and how they work in the skin.  Science based information helps to better understand the ongoing confusion regarding the use of stem cells and topical skincare products.

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