Beauty, Ethnicities and Gender Differences in Skin

  • Beauty‚Äôs Purpose in The Natural World

    Why youthful qualities are socially identified as beautiful. Learn how to share these insights with your clients and include in expanded professional consultations for total beauty overviews.

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  • Geometry of the Beautiful Face

    GEOMETRY OF THE BEAUTIFUL FACE. Geometric ratios universally identified as beautiful and attractive across cultures, sexes, races, ages. Expand this fascinating overview into insights for clients regarding aesthetic services to enhance overall appearance

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  • Ethnic Variabilities Pt. 1

    ETHNIC VARIABILITIES. Part I. Early human origins in Africa and migration patterns out of Africa across the planet. Explore how genetic backgrounds can affect the appearance of the skin and contribute to overall skin function and responses to professional treatments. Including the importance of determining the ethnic background of all clients during the consultation process and how this can affect their results.

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  • Ethnic Variabilities Pt. 2

    ETHNIC VARIABILITIES. Part II. Review how ethnic backgrounds contribute to skin conditions, types and tendency with insights to share with expanded skincare consultations. Including insights into the most effective ingredients to look for and how some may help or hinder great results. Educate your clients on changes in the skin over time and to maintain healthy skin for life.

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  • Gender Differences in Skin: Female Skin

    GENDER DIFFERENCES IN SKIN. Part I. Female skin. Hormones and female skin including oral contraceptives, estrogens, progesterone, progestins. Aging and hormonal changes to skin, including the perimenopause, menopause. Hormone replacement therapy with synthetic and bio-identical hormones and effects of each on skin.

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  • Gender Differences in Skin: Male

    GENDER DIFFERENCES IN SKIN. Part II. Male skin. Hormones and male skin. Aging and hormonal decline in men causing skin changes. Acne and hormones. Explore how easy to use skincare regimes can benefit the male skin throughout the entire lifetime.

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