Acne Course

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin disorder seen by dermatologists and affects up to fifty million people per year. It is extremely important for the skin care professional to have a thorough understanding of the acne condition and possess the knowledge to offer the best recommendations for care.

  • Introduction to Acne

    This lesson introduces the skin condition that is acne. Dr. DeHaven reviews its pathogenesis, its process, and development through the different grades of acne.

    1 of 5 20 minutes
  • Female/Males Acne

    Male and female hormonal levels, patterns, and types contribute to their difference in the development of acne.

    2 of 5 16 minutes
  • Treating Acne

    This presentation focuses on potential treatments and ingredients to successfully treat acne with consideration to its origination

    3 of 5 36 minutes
  • Treatments & Contraindications Pt. 1

    Dr. Charlene DeHaven dives into specific aspects of acne and how to best, and safely, counteract processes to the skin condition.

    4 of 5 10 minutes
  • Treatments & Contraindications Pt. 2

    In the continuity of Treatments and Contraindications, this presentation will recount additional treatments for acne.

    5 of 5 18 minutes