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Immerse yourself in this powerful educational experience on the aging process designed specifically for the unique needs of aesthetic professionals. Dr. Charlene DeHaven, a well-known aesthetics educator and pioneer in anti-aging/regenerative medicine, will guide you through an in-depth discussion on the aging process and how to implement this knowledge in treating your clients/patients. Title: Advanced Courses Content: Our cutting-edge online community provides aesthetic professional with unbiased and on-demand aesthetic education. Title: State-of-The-Art Content Content: Learn about skin science and the process of aging in a way that’s easy to understand, supported by state-of-the-art animations Title: Industry Leaders Content: We partner with respected industry professionals who are here to share their wealth of knowledge and experience.

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  • Structure and Function of Skin

    8 Lessons

    Course One describes the structure and function of the skin barrier, including its role in the body’s immune processes. Renewal of the skin barrier through the unique process of exfoliation is described. The structural architecture of skin and the important molecules that maintain this structure are also included in this course section.